Pay Per Click Management

Did you know that over 50% of Google searches with high-commercial intent click on Adwords ads?

Not only is pay-per-click marketing an imperative way to get instant traffic and leads to you website, but it’s also ideal for split testing and tracking various offer that you make on your website. This gives us the power to adjust your campaigns and lead them to success.

We offer you opportunities to advertise on Google, Bing, Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn. These methods allow your brand to be seen by your ideal customers while they are online for any particular reason.

We provide remarketing services to keep your business top of mind to your ideal customer that have visited your website but weren’t at the buying stage of his or her decision process. Retargeted ads are as good as or even better than search engine ads.

Landing page optimization is another crucial portion of the PPC process since every advertisement needs to go to a well-designed and well-optimized landing page. For example, when we are creating your Google Adwords ads, the text match between the landing page and the ad itself needs to be quite similar in order to guarantee a good quality score, which will get your ads to the top of Google.

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